Why Is Washing Hair Bad for You?

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Washing your hair everyday is something we all love to do, the glossy locks and fresh scent have us feeling like Goldilocks. It’s not so good for your hair however, so washing it as little as possible is your best bet for the lushest of locks.


Shampoos, especially those that include sulfates, strip the natural oils, such as sebum, from your hair. Sebum is a light, oily substance produced from the sebaceous gland that keeps your hair and skin moisturised. Although shampoos are formulated to ditch the oil, dirt and product residue, rinsing your hair from the oils too frequently causes the sebaceous gland to produce more oil than necessary – leaving you with even greasier hair…fab!


Everyone is different and our hair produces different levels of oil, so there’s no right answer to how frequently you should wash your hair. However, it’s possible to train your hair to produce less oil by washing it less.


To stop the overproduction of oil, use dry shampoo between washes, brush your hair before bed to redistribute the sebum, wear your hair up and out of your face and avoid touching it.  


We’re going to take on the challenge to see how long we can last without shampooing. Leave a comment below sharing your tips on how to last the longest.