Why Is Toner So Important?

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Using a toner seems like a luxury in-between stage of your skincare routine that you don’t necessarily need to abide by unless you’re a skincare junkie.


In fact, toning after cleansing and before moisturising can be the difference between ok skin and amazing skin. Here are some of the benefits of toning your skin on the daily.


The main purpose of toners is to help replenish and nourish the skin whilst helping to remove makeup (even after a deep cleanse you’d be surprised how much makeup comes off on a cotton pad).


The majority of toners are humectants, additives that are used to retain moisture in the skin, meaning toners act as a light moisturiser. Some people like to use toner on the go, removing any oil or dirt and making you feel immediately revitalized. Removing excess oil before bed can also reduce the appearance of pores.


If we want to get really scientific, then toning actually helps balance out the pH levels – cleansing can sometimes disturb the pH balance of the skin due to the, sometimes, harsh ingredients. When the pH levels are unbalanced, your skin may react by overproducing oil or not producing enough – both sides of the spectrum aren’t ideal if you want amazing skin.


The moral of the story seems to be that toning really is a part of your skincare routine that shouldn’t be ignored. It can feel luxurious and sometimes over-indulgent, but that’s all part of the fun, isn’t it?


As always however, make sure your toner is #banned20 free and #freemyskin approved. That way, you know you really ARE treating your skin with the good stuff.